Airpark Auto Service Testimonials

After I found out that Airpark Auto Service has been operating for nearly 30 years, we decided it was time to go find out for ourselves what exactly made these guys so successful. For my money, I always find it worth the time to walk into these places personally, and get a feel for exactly what is going on.

One of the things that we noticed immediately is the fact that the facility actually has an air that makes you feel welcome. Other business’s can tend to forget one of the most simple keys to success, but Airpark Auto has succeeded in created a situation where you needn’t question whether or not someone can help you.

What People Are Saying About Airpark Auto Service

""My wife Joni and I made our home in this spectacular part of the world called “Scottsdale” back in 1982. We started Desert Promotions advertising company in 1988 and we’re still active in that business. We have always enjoyed old cars and have had a wide variety through the years. Not being a mechanic, I have always had to rely on someone else to take care of my auto repair needs. I had gone from one auto repair company to another hoping to find a business that really cared about my repair needs but, was unsuccessful until I went to Airpark Auto Service.My first experience with Airpark Auto Service was in 1993. I took my car in for repair and low and behold they fixed it! I have complete piece of mind when dropping my car off knowing they will fix the problem properly the first time. I don’t have to think twice about them doing something that doesn’t need to be done and ripping me off.What a concept! Doing business with an auto repair business that guarantees their work. They pride themselves on honesty, integrity and good old fashion customer service. I am honored to have this opportunity to sing the praises of Airpark Auto Service. I can without question recommend them to anyone who cares about their automobile." — Dan Brasch

"I have been a customer of Airpark Auto since day one. I was a customer of the previous business and continued forward. Why change, when you feel comfortable with the people who service our vehicles. I am a manufacturer’s rep covering Arizona and New Mexico. I put on enough miles monthly to require an oil change almost on a 4 week basis. That allows me to know the people working at Airpark pretty well, and they know me pretty well. They have always taken good care of my vehicle, and the other cars in our family. You know it’s great when you can trust a mechanic, trust the business he works for, not to overcharge, do work that’s not necessary, and have the vehicle finished in a timely manner. I don’t know if they have other customers doing what I have allowed Airpark to do, namely you do the work that you feel is necessary and tell me what it costs after. I need a safe vehicle to drive, my work and life depend on it. They have never abused that privilege I’ve given them. I have recommended Airpark Auto Service to so many friends, business associates, etc., that I can say unequivocally that not one person that I recommended Airpark to, has ever complained to me about it, said they were disappointed, or wouldn’t go back for work that needed be done. That speaks volumes to me. We were all saddened when Stacey passed away, for his family and his friends. However, we are very pleased to say the good works he did and insisted on have been continued by his wife, family and employees." — Harvey and Susan Steinacher

"I own three vehicles and you service them all. I really appreciate the honesty and integrity shown by your shop not just yesterday but in the 7 years I have been patronizing your store." — Tony Gibsion

"This crew is honest and professional. I trust them." — Don Griffith

"Always completed on time and done right" — Don Hawkins

"I wouldn't trust anyone else to work on our cars!" — Carol Wadman

"The best place I have ever dealt with - Courteous, friendly, honest. Not over priced like some. I will definitely be back." — Virginia Gladish

"I have used Airpark Auto for 10 years and have always been happy with the service." — Charlotte Bailey

"A superb service center! Work done on time, properly done at a fair price." — Bill Eckholm

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